Top 30th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

silly 30th birthday gag gift

Giving a 30th birthday gag gift is fun! Get the right present and get a good laugh!

When looking for a gag gift, try and find something that relates to their hobby or career.

For example there are great fishing gifts, nurse gag gifts, doctor gag gifts, lawyer gag gifts too!

Giving a gag gift . . .

You also can't go wrong with just plain stupid gifts. If you're creative - you can also take the time to make a funny personalized gift.

At 30, they may not be concerned about their age. But, they will get a kick out of just plain ridiculous birthday gifts.

The great thing about gag gifts, is that the don't cost a lot. So you can bring some laughs to the party without spending very much.

Here are my top 30th birthday stupid presents

Another silly gift

Would he wear a silly tie? Here's one of my favorite 30th birthday gifts. This is perfect for the conservative birthday boy, the young executive, or banker . . . Check this out - you'll get a kick out of it and so will he. Plus - he'll probably wear it!

Funny iPhone Cases

are perfect for the birthday girl or birthday boy and top the cool gadget gifts. This is a great example of a "modern gag gift". You wouldn't have even seen these a few years ago. My son, Jorma, who just turned 30 recently got an iPhone case for his birthday. Here are many different styles and colors to choose from.

More stupid gift ideas

One of my favorite gifts is a funny iPad case! Check these out! This will make their iPad stand out and they'll remember you every time they use it.

Stupid hats make great 30th birthday gag gifts

Here are some really stupid gag hats! And I'll make you a bet. Get one for a guy and he'll put it on as soon as he opens the box! Maybe even the birthday girl too! You can also customize a hat and completely match his sense of humor!

What's good about this present is that although it's a gag gift - it still shows that you put some thought and planning into it.

Tattoos make great 30th birthday gag gifts

cool 30th birthday gag gift ideas

Fake tattoos make a great gift. I gave my son, Jorma, the sleeve tattoo and he got a big kick out of it!

Since there are quite a few to choose from, you'll probably find one that will make them laugh!

A funny 30th birthday card will add a few laughs! Here's some to choose from for lots of fun! Many of these cards can be personalized.

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