What's The Best Bird Feeder
For Gift Giving?

Voted Best Bird Feeder

I've been on a search for the best bird feeders.

And of course I'll share my very favorite top picks with you.

These are gifts that keep on giving throughout the year.

Plus, these are perfect if you're looking for gifts for grandparents and parents too!

My dad loved to garden and along with that, he loved watching all of the birds in our yard.

So, if your parents are like mine - they will enjoy these unique bird feeders.

These would also be perfect birthday gifts for aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Unique Bird Feeders

unique bird feeders

Don't you just love hummingbirds? I do, and this is one of the best bird feeders I've found.

Plus, it's a great gift for under $25. This present is different. And, I really enjoy giving a gift that you can't just find anywhere.

This unique bird feeder has a certain lighthearted flair to it. And, I just love the way it leans towards being a piece of copper art.

I hung mine on my back deck right by my kitchen window. What I noticed immediately is that it attracted really tiny hummingbirds! I don't know if that's unusual or not, but it was really cool. This definitely rates as a best bird feeder in my book!

I found this fast to hang up, and each of the 3 tube bird feeders slides out easily to refill.

Since I wanted it to hang a little lower (so I could see it easily out of my window) - I bought a few long copper "s" hooks from Home Depot which worked well. Copper bird feeders are very popular right now too and make wonderful birthday gifts.

For the food I used the suggested recipe of 1 part sugar and 4 parts water. I think this is better than using the pre-packaged kind you get in a grocery store because there isn't that yucky dye! A best bird feeder deserves the best bird food!

These unique bird feeders also make great Father's Day gifts.

Copper Bird Feeder

cute cooper bird feeders

How cool is this copper bird feeder! This is a really neat gift and I love mine.

It was fun to put apples on it to attract the birds. I hung it a little ways from my back deck.

Pretty soon, it was getting the attention from a beautiful bright blue jay.

I've also put pieces of watermelon on it which works well. The copper spirals are very easy to screw the fruit on.

Depending upon the location, you can use all different types of fruit. Next, I'm going to try a fruit and jelly bird feeder.

If you're looking for an easy bird feeder, this is the one. It is easy to fill, easy to hang.

Well, I know you're going to really enjoy these unique bird feeders - buy one for a gift and don't forget to treat yourself too!

Be sure to visit my other wood bird feeder page!

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