Hysterical 40th
Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

Silly 40th birthday gag gift

The perfect 40th birthday gag gift

can. . .

add lots of fun to the birthday celebration!

Take this hat for example....

What other time would someone (in their right mind) wear this??

The Perfect 40th Birthday Gag Gift

Here are my top funny 40th birthday ideas.

Turning 40 triggers a mid-life crisis for some. And this can give you some really funny gift ideas.

Remember - a midlife crisis applies to both men and women!

These custom cheap Tshirts are perfect for a 40th present!

A Midlife Crisis Kit

is a silly 40th birthday gift.

The kits are fun and easy homemade gag gifts. Here are some ideas for the contents:

Funny 40th birthday ideas for men

funny 40th birthday ideas bumper stickers

Create a midlife crisis kit and include:

  • a stupid bumper sticker like this one!
  • a small toy red sports car or whatever car he's been wanting,
  • a very long "10-year-belt" (mark each belt hole with an upcoming year),
  • for tradesmen add "anti-crack flashing instructions" aka: how to keep your pants hiked up and spare the world,
  • remote control carpel tunnel pills (use a box of tic-tacs and put a funny label on the front),
  • a small piece of rug tagged "hair piece"
  • fake tattoo (can't forget those!)

Here are some other great gifts to add.

Funny 40th birthday ideas for women

You can make your own kit - here are some ideas for contents:

~ a small toy black sport car (or whatever car she's been wanting),
~ an "Instant Makeover kit" include a roll of duct tape labeled: instant facelift (also used for . . . booby-lift, hinny-lift, whatever lift.)

You can also add. . .

~ fake thick eye lashes,
~ fake long red nails,
~ a few chocolate bars labeled "emergency rations". ~ fake thick eye lashes,
~ fake long red nails,
~ a few chocolate bars labeled "emergency rations".
~ Of course she'll need fake tattoos. . . these are so funny!

Plastic surgery silly gift

And if you want to take the gift even farther . . . here are some great ones! I was so surprised to find these super silly gifts!

These t-shirts will be the life of the party! You can also make your own tshirt and totally personalize it.

A creative gift basket idea

Buy old time candy from their childhood to create a fun gift basket! Here are some candy ideas for a 40th birthday gag gift:

Pop Rocks, Reese's, Blowpop, Smarties, Pixy Stix, Tootsie Roll, Sour Patch Kids. Make it yourself or check out these baskets:

More funny 40th birthday ideas

Throw an over the hill surprise birthday party with black balloons, black cake (very dark chocolate), play some somber music. Have everyone dress in black. Here are some great over the hill gifts...another great find! And if you can't be at the party - send this great over the hill birthday cake! What a great 40th birthday gag gift!

If the birthday boy or girl is fun-loving . . . instead of a "wedding dance" where people stuff money in the bride's dress. Have an "over the hill dance".

Guests still stuff money, but it's for funny things like . . . plastic surgery, a trip alone on a dessert island, etc. Clue the party guests in before-hand so they'll be ready for the fun! This is a great 40th birthday gag gift!

A "Find Oneself Box" is my favorite! Have a black box containing a small dictionary, a magnifying glass, a map, a phone book, a compass, a small globe or map of the galaxy, a sack of marbles with a note on the bag that a few are missing.

If they still need help finding themselves - these gag gift tshirts will do the trick:

You can customize a 40th birthday card!

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