Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas

best 40th birthday party ideas

Some of the best 40th birthday party ideas center around an over the hill theme.

This type of party is really fun! One of my friends recently had a party like this.

It was a kick in the pants for sure!

Some of the gifts were pretty funny.

Plus, this party is perfect no matter what your menu is.

You can have a Mexican fiesta, outdoor BBQ, or just wine and delicious hors d'oeuvres.

In fact, my friend's party was at a popular local Greek restaurant. Having the party at a restaurant made it very easy for his wife.

And, it was really fun for the party goers.

The main thing you want to do is decorate with black and over the hill party decorations. This could be extra fun if the party is a surprise! Have all the guests dress in black and play somber music (in the beginning!) Of course, once the party starts the fun music begins!

Here are the over the hill party supplies you'll need:
• black balloons
• black trick candles
• over the hill crepe paper
• a silly over the hill button

You'll also need center pieces. Check out this unique over the hill flower cake and bouquet of balloons:

Check out these over the hill party decorations! I've included silly cake toppers, a completely stupid inflatable walker or cane (my favorite), and several other completely whacky items to decorate for your party!

The way you were party!

Another one of the top 40th birthday party ideas is "The Way You Were Party!

This is also a great reason to bring together a lot of old friends.

Have each of them write one of their favorite memories of the guest of honor.

Make sure they don't sign it though! Then fold it up, put it in a big black hat.

Read each story and see if the guest of honor can guess who wrote it!

1970s 40th birthday party ideas

This is a bright and lively party that the guest of honor will never forget! Decorations include a personalized banner with an old picture of the host.

Here's an example below. You can take any picture and add it to the banner. A high school or college picture would be perfect!

You can also add cute personalized cupcakes with the same picture from the birthday banner. Just think how surprised they'll be when they see these cupcakes with their face on the front!

Lastly, add some old fashioned candy and a "Remember When" book. This book and the candy will be a bring back wonderful memories of when they were growing up.

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