Coolest Homemade Birthday
Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

best homemade birthday gift ideas

Want the coolest homemade birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend?

Glad you've stopped by!

I've searched and found the best homemade gifts for guys.

I've also included some great semi-homemade birthday gift ideas.

Special gifts you can make just for him.

Let's start with homemade birthday cards

First, decide what type of birthday card you want to make.

Do you want it to be contemporary, romantic, old fashioned?

You'll need a photo for the front of the card.

Select one with you and your boyfriend, or just by yourself.

You can create an old fashioned theme with the right photo. Just dress up and take a picture. Then change the photo to black and white or sepia. This works especially well for a romantic or old fashioned card and is such a thoughtful homemade birthday gift idea.

Go to your local craft store and get:
~ Heavy weight or construction paper (for outside of card)
~ Lighter weight paper (for inside of card)
~ Paper glue
~ Little decorative things like sparkles, flowers, hearts, bows
~ A nice envelope
~ Pens with colored inkIf you like to be a little more can also make a custom birthday card with a picture that you upload.

This is a one of the most popular homemade birthday gift ideas.

Semi-homemade photo gifts

Did you know that you can save a lot of money on a gift and still have it personalized? That's right. When you make your own custom photo gift for your boyfriend you save lots of money. Plus, you have a one-of-a-kind gift made by you.

Choose from a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, belt buckle, beer stein, plaque, canvas photo, key chain, just to name a few. There are actually thousands of gifts you can make especially for your boyfriend. All you need is a good photo and a little imagination! If you choose to make a t-shirt - it can be ready in 24 hours!

You will make him a gift that is unique...something that he can't get anywhere else! Plus you will be surprised how inexpensive these gifts are.

Homemade Cupcakes

Yummy Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

What guy doesn't love cupcakes!

What if there was a picture of him on every one? You know he'd get a kick out of that.

I really got a laugh when I was these cool cupcake wrappers.

These make a homemade gift even a little more special.

Bake his favorite flavor of cupcakes. You can also add filling to make them even yummier.

I think the best flavor would be chocolate cake, chocolate icing, with a heavy whipped cream filling. Kinda like a homemade hostess cupcake with his face on it!

An emergency car kit is next on the list for homemade gifts for guys - especially if he's on the go a lot. Create a box he can keep in his trunk for emergencies.

You may want to add or delete things on this list depending on where you live, the climate, and what would be most useful for him. Here are some suggestions of what to get:

- small first aid kit
- sewing kit
- a Swiss army knife (check pawn shops for deals)
- a laminated card with frequently called phone numbers (friends, relatives)
- add a bit of cash - $20 to $100. (Mark "Emergency Use Only")
- safety pins
- duct tape (100's of uses)
- sturdy matches
- a few energy bars (don't get chocolate, it will melt)
- small flash light
- a few bungee cords
- 6 to 8 foot piece of rope
- pencil and small spiral note pad
- compass
- a change of underwear and socks
- hand sanitizer
- few bottles of water

You can get several of these items from your local $1 store. Although this is a very practical gift it's one of my most popular homemade birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

One last idea...If you'd like to make him a really special gift. You might consider a custom wrapped canvas print. Take a really special picture of the two of you...or even the two of you and his favorite pet. Then upload it and create a masterpiece!

105992_Create Your Masterpiece Custom Wrapped Canvas from Zazzle

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