Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

top free homemade gift ideas

When looking for easy homemade gift ideas, sometimes the simpler gifts can be the most unique.

Remember, there's beauty and class in simplicity.

Here are some free homemade gift ideas that have both qualities.

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Decorate a front porch with gift flowers!

When you think about it, flowers represent love and affection.

What better way to show that than to decorate the front porch with birthday gift flowers.

I love driving up to my house and see blooming flowers on the front porch - it makes me feel happy! Such great gift ideas!

Free Homemade Gift Ideas

For only about $25 you can get several containers of flowers. I recently did just this when I had a party. I wanted to brighten up the front of my house so I went to the local garden center and bought a basket full of flowering plants.

I was surprised at the reasonable cost. I made sure the I bought flowers with compatible colors since they were going to be displayed together.

I think these colors go really well together: purple and yellow (my favorite), bright yellow, red, and maybe orange depending on what shade of red you choose. You'll know just by looking whether it goes or clashes. Red, white and purple also looks pretty.

More easy homemade gift ideas: You can also make it a bit more special with a personalized flower pot or a personalized flag for the porch. Either of these are a good choice. Plus, the cost is very reasonable when you're counting pennies. Adding complimentary presents, makes unique homemade birthday gifts that much more special.

Presentation is everything

more easy homemade gift ideas

If you arrange them correctly - you don't necessarily need to buy fancy containers.

Make sure you get gift flowers with bright blooms that will be very noticeable.

Here are some of my favorite inexpensive birthday gift flowers:

Impatiens - these are good to put at the base of other pots to fill in the area. Marigolds and daisies go well together and look very cheerful.

Gerbera - I love these bright flowers, they look so happy. Mix and match all the flowers to get varied colors and heights. For the final creative touch ~ add a Happy Birthday sign for the front door. These are such bright and cheerful easy homemade gift ideas.

More Easy Gift Ideas

easy homemade gift idea

A personalized flower pot also makes a great homemade teacher gift.

This would also be a wonderful surprise for a work friend.

For a special gift - fill one of these darling pots with a seasonal flowering plant. Violet plants would look really cute!

Make sure that whatever flowers you choose, compliments the color of the pot. In fact, you may want to take the pot with you when picking out your blooms. This is one of my favorite unique homemade birthday gifts.

Add a special breakfast muffin and cup of coffee to round out the present.

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