Flower Birthday Cake

beautiful flower birthday cake

Be unique - give a flower birthday cake.

You might wonder . . . what is that?

Is it a cake with lots of icing flowers on the top?

No. It's actually made out of flowers.

It looks just like a cake though!

Just think how surprised the birthday boy or birthday girl will be when you have a cake delivered!

They'll open the box . . . many look just like a cake box. And they'll smell the beautiful flowers!

What's great about this present is maybe they already have a regular birthday cake. But they won't have this gift!

It's really two gifts in one - birthday flowers and a birthday cake!

Yummy Birthday Cakes

If you'd like to stay with the flowered themed birthday but want "real cake", check these out.

They are cute cakes that are pops.

This gift would be perfect for a single person or couple.

Have one or two pops and freeze the rest. I think these are so cute. . . they make me smile!

cute flower birthday cakes

Just as with regular cake, you can pick the icing and flavors you like. I think you pretty much can't go wrong with chocolate or vanilla though!

Unique Birthday Gift Flowers

super cute birthday gift flower

Adding a beautiful vase, a lovely basket, or additional gift, makes the gift even that much more special.

In fact, you may spend more on that then the flowers themselves.

Remember, everyone has their taste in flowers.

For example - my mother loved traditional roses. I prefer a bright mixture, and the bringer the better.

One of my favorite gifts I've ever received was from my husband. I was out of town in LA on my birthday. He had a HUGE bouquet of multicolored roses delivered. One rose for every year!

I took a picture with my phone and carried it around and looked at the picture whenever I missed him!

This shows that just going the extra mile in selection can make a huge difference.

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