Gift Basket Ideas For Men

hot gift basket men birthday

Gift basket ideas for men come in handy when you need a really cool birthday gift.

And don't you be thinking of silk flowers and woven baskets!

You can get some awesome containers and cool stuff to put in them.

Here are some of my best picks.

Whoop Ass Baskets

It is my "personal opinion" that any gift basket that begins with the words "whoop ass" must be a for a man.

Don't you agree? These sauces do match their names though because they are SPICY!

They have jalapeno steak sauce, mesquite chipotle fire, and hickory heat sauce.

So, if the birthday boy you're shopping for loves to BBQ and loves spicy sauces....this is the perfect gift for him.

My father-in-law loved spicy foods! Although he was a bit hard to buy for - if you just found some sort of spicy sauce gift he'd be happy.

I think a lot of men are like that! This would be a great gift for your Dad, friend, son, boss. . . you know basically any man who likes to BBQ!

Beer Gift Basket Ideas For Men

beer gift basket men birthday

Does he appreciate a good beer?

Then he'll love these top baskets for men.

Why? Because it's chest full of beer!

This manly male gift includes beer from all over the world.

Here's a list: From Canada is Molson Lager, Mexico's beer is Corona,
Netherlands cool brew is Heineken, Jamaica's suds are Red Stripe, Ireland's famous beer is St. Guinness Stout, and from England is Newcastle Brown Ale.

It's also packed with salty and sweet treats to go along with his brew. This is a great gift to give in person, or have it shipped if you're going to miss his birthday celebration. I can already hear the beer burps!

Make the birthday gift for him even that much more special and add a few freezer mugs. These cool mugs can be personalized plus he'll love the way these freezer beer mugs keep his favorite beer super duper cold!

These mugs remind me of the old A&W root beer mugs. Remember how they'd be frozen and the root beer would taste so yummy! This is one of my favorite gift ideas for men.

golf gift basket ideas for men

Golf Gift Baskets

Is he a golfer? Then he'd love these golf gift baskets. This one is a top birthday gift basket for men because you can create it with him especially in mind.

You will be able to choose exactly what golf accessories go in the basket. These would be great gifts alone. Made into a basket makes them super cool! Choose from golf pro shop quality items. Some of the items available are tees, balls, water bottles, head covers, towels just to name a few.

Here are a few more gift basket ideas for men to choose from:

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